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Proud Sponsors of the Nationally Recognized
Vial-A-Life Program

The Vial-A-Life program is nationally recognized for saving countless lives each year by providing rescue with live saving medical alert information during an emergency. The Vial a Life consist of the Vial a Life form, two Vial a Life decals and a wallet-sized Vial a Life form. It speaks for you when you can't. In an emergency it is important that the first responders know of any medical conditions, medications, allergies and directives you might have in order for them to provide you the best possible treatment. For first responders, having this information available saves them time and for could save your life.

The Vial a Life has saved so many lives which is why American Medical Alarms sponsors the Vial a Life program and provides FREE Vial a Life kits to those who request them. With the Vial a Life kit you can keep your updated medical information where rescue knows to look for it.

To use the Vial a Life you simply place one of the decals on your outside front door where it is easily visible. Next, complete the Vial a Life form and place it behind the remaining decal in the pouch and place it on your refrigerator door. When rescue sees the decal outside your front door they will know to look on your refrigerator for the Vial a Life.

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