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Choosing a Medical Alert System - Not All Medical Alert Systems Are Created Equal

Choosing the best medical alert system is very important. You want a medical alert system that has the features you need and one that's easy to use. Every feature built into our medical alert system was designed to provide you with the quickest response time, best voice quality and longer ranges. There aren't a lot of fancy features that just end up causing headaches later; it was designed for one get you help when you need it.

Our medical alert system has the longest transmitter and two way voice range available (without the need for additional equipment). The transmitter range is over 6,000 square feet so you can activate your alarm from any room in your home and from 2-300 ft. outside your home. Our transmitters are lightweight and easy to use which makes them a favorite among seniors. Unlike other transmitters, the button on our transmitter is located in a depressed area which helps to prevent accidental activations. Our transmitters are smaller and neutral in color as well so they are less noticeable when worn and are not bulky or cumbersome. They are also water resistant so they can be worn in the tub or shower.
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Our medical alert system also has a two way voice range of 2500-3000 sq. ft. This means that when you activate your medical alert device we will be able to hear you and speak with you up to 2500-3000 sq. ft. from the alarm console. Many systems on the market today require the use of voice extenders or additional room/hallway buttons to accomplish the same thing.

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How Our Medical Alert System Works

When you press your button, during an emergency, our medical alert system immediately calls our monitoring center where your call is answered by a professional, caring and highly trained operator who will assist you with your emergency. Your operator will know who you are, your address and have all your information right in front of them. They will speak with you through the console that is plugged in at your home to determine your situation. At that time they can either send rescue or, if it's not that serious, call a family member, friend or neighbor to assist you. All of this happens within seconds. If you are unable to speak with us, we will notify rescue immediately.

What's Included with the Medical Alert System

The medical alert system consists of the alarm console and a transmitter of your choice, we have both a pendant and wristband style transmitter. In an emergency you press the button on your transmitter to activate your alarm and we will speak with you through the alarm console. Our alarm is also an acoustical computer that is specifically designed for the hearing impaired and has a backup battery to allow your alarm to continue working for up to 18 hours in the event of a power outage. In addition, American Medical Alarms has one of the only systems with built-in DSL compatibility (unlike many other companies who rely on filters from the telephone company).

Additional Medical Alert Accessories

If you'd like an extra medical alert pendant or wristband we have them available for a one time fee of $35.00. We also offer a realtors type lockbox for a one time fee of $45.00 so you can store a key to your home. In an emergency we provide your lockbox combination to rescue so they can get the key.

Take your Medical Alert Device with You

That's right! If you should move or decide to spend a few weeks with a family member you can take the system with you. All you will need to do is unplug the system from your home and plug it in wherever you are going. Make sure we know you are moving the system by sending us a written notification so we can change the emergency response information. There are no additional fees to move or relocate your system.

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