Medical Alert vs. Phones

American Medical Alarms, Inc. has been working with seniors, other at risk individuals and their families for over 20 years providing medical alert systems and service. During that time we have worked to help provide valuable resources and information to seniors in order to help them live a safe, independent life.

Our medical alert system has provided many seniors and their families with incredible peace of mind. Just knowing that help is always within reach allows many seniors to continue living independently in their homes and, on average, they remain independent 6 years longer than those without a medical alert.

The peace of mind that seniors feel with a medical alert system is just as important as being able to get help in an emergency. Studies have shown that having a medical alert helps seniors remain active because they are less concerned about falling. In addition, they feel an even greater sense of security knowing that help is always the push of a button away no matter what the situation. Family members also have peace of mind knowing their loved one is able to get help anytime day or night.

No one wants to learn that their parent or loved one was laying on the floor for hours because they could not get to a telephone to call for help. However, this is too often the reality. We hear so many stories everyday about someone who fell and could not get to their telephone to call for help…so nobody knew about it…and nobody came.

But, the most heart breaking stories are the ones we hear from doctors, nurses and case workers who say, “If they only had a medical alert…it would have saved their life.” Too often families make the choice not to get a medical alert system foregoing them for cell phones or cordless phones.

What they don’t realize is that neither of these provides adequate protection. You do not have time to dial 9.1.1 while you are falling with a cell phone or cordless phone…so, if you fall and knock yourself unconscious or if you are having a heart attack or stroke…pushing a button is the fastest way to get help. We have many customers who suffer from seizures and have found that a medical alert from American Medical Alarms is the fastest way for them to notify someone that they need help because when we receive an alarm signal, even if we aren’t able to speak with you, we will send rescue.

In addition, cell phones have to be charged, are set down and forgotten and may require you to be able to speak in order to receive help because they do not work the same as a landline for 9.1.1 calls. Cordless phones have similar problems because they too rely on being charged and in a power outage cordless phones don’t work.

Another problem with both cell phones and cordless phones, that is often overlooked, is their size and the ability to reach them. In a fall these phones may actually cause more harm as they are typically carried in pockets or attached to waistbands and seniors end up landing on them as they fall. Or, if they are lucky enough not to land on them they are often jarred lose and end up flying through the air and landing somewhere else, away from them so they have to struggle to get to them.

A medical alert from American Medical Alarms only costs $24.95/month and it’s worth every penny when you consider that you can get help anytime, day or night, with just the push of a button. You’ll get 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost of Lifeline® or Life Alert® and won’t have to pay an activation or set-up fee. In addition, American Medical Alarms has a month to month agreement that you can cancel anytime you’d like. We make it easy and affordable.You can order our medical alert system online at or call us Toll Free at (800) 542-0438.

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