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How To Use Your Vial-A-Life

Friday, March 18th, 2011

The Vial a Life has two parts.  The top part is the main Vial a Life and should be stored on your refrigerator door.  The bottom part is a wallet-sized Vial a Life that you can carry with you in your wallet, purse or vehicle.

It is best to use pencil to complete both parts of the Vial a Life form (so you can easily make changes to your information as needed).  Once you have completed both parts of the form, tear off the bottom portion, fold it and place it in your wallet, purse or glove box.

Next, remove one of the Vial a Life decals from the pouch and place it outside on your front door or window nearest your front door where it can easily be seen.  Then, fold the top part of the form and place it inside the pouch behind the other decal.  Tape the pouch to your refrigerator door, with the decal facing outward, at eye level so it can easily be seen.

Be sure to amend your medical information as it changes.  You can print new Vial a Life forms whenever you need them by visiting our website at and clicking on the “Print the Vial A Life Packet Link.”

Get a FREE Vial a Life from American Medical Alarms

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

American Medical Alarms, Inc., a leader in providing medical alarms (or medical alert systems) for seniors and other at risk individuals provides a valuable resource FREE to anyone who requests one.

Vial of Life Decal - Sponsored by American Medical Alarms

Throughout the years, providing medical alarms for so many seniors across the United States, we have learned how valuable time is during an emergency. In some cases we learned that a few seconds longer would have resulted in the loss of life. It is the reason that we provide medical alarms for seniors and the reason we provide the Vial a Life FREE.

The Vial a Life program is nationally recognized for saving countless lives every year by providing rescue with pertinent information during an emergency. The Vial a Life speaks for you when you can’t and could save your life. With the Vial a Life you can keep a list of your current medications, allergies, any medical conditions as well as other information about yourself that may be critical to know in an emergency. If you have an emergency, the Vial a Life decal alerts rescue of this vital information so they can provide the proper response and treatment.

We are a proud sponsor of this program and do so in honor of the rescue workers who have saved the lives of so many of our customers. We know that having this information available to them makes their job a little easier and helps protect our customers, their families and any one else who uses the Vial a Life.

You can learn more about the Vial a Life program or request your FREE Vial a Life by visiting our website