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Do You Need A Medical Alert System?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

An emergency situation can arise in a matter of moments, and a matter of life and death can be decided in mere seconds. If and when you ever find yourself in a medical emergency situation, you need to be able to alert someone and ask for help immediately. In any given situation, you won’t always have your cell phone on you, and, even if you do, some situations arise that can prevent you from being able to speak or communicate effectively, or you may simply run out of time before help is reached.

American Medical Alarms provides the solution in the form of an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art medical alert system. Your medical alert will come in the form of a pendant, easily worn around the neck or wrist, and a two-way transmitter. The pendant is water-resistant, light-weight, and easy to access any time you are in need of emergency medical assistance. All it takes is a push of the button on your pendant and one of our professionally-trained operators will contact you through your transmitter device, find out your needs, and send you assistance, whether that means sending paramedics or simply contacting your neighbor or family member.

Why is it important to have a medical alert system installed in your home? Because accidents and falls are one of the leading causes of death among seniors over the age of 65, and many of these deaths could have easily been prevented with the use of a medical alert device. One in three seniors over the age of 65 will fall each year, with complications ranging from mild to extremely serious, and in some instances, a senior can be rendered completely immobile after a fall, unable to reach out for help.

Signs will often present themselves right before a fall - dizziness, fatigue, instability - and having access to a medical alert alarm system can often times save a life before it is too late. A membership with American Medical Alarms is only $23.95 a month and the equipment is completely free - take the first step in preventing injuring and possibly saving your life by visiting us online at today!

American Medical Alarms Offering Free Vial A Life Kit with Every Order

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

There’s a reason why American Medical Alarms is the medical alert system that seniors and their families trust the most. State-of-the-art monitoring centers, easy to use transmitters, professionally trained operators, and the longest range for two-way speakers available in medical alert systems today, are just a few of the ways American Medical Alarms are helping seniors across America to feel safe and secure.

American Medical Alarms understands that alerting the system is only the first step for seniors in getting the help that they need, when they need it. After emergency aid has been notified and reaches the senior in need, in order to provide the proper aid in every situation the responders need to know the senior’s medical history, allergies, and any medications that they are taking, to ensure that the aid provided is not potentially more harmful than good to the senior. But what if, upon emergency aid arrival, the senior is unconscious or unable to communicate properly?

This is why American Medical Alarms is a proud sponsor of Vial A Life, a nationally recognized program that saves countless lives every year. Each order of an American Medical Alarm system comes with a complimentary Vial A Life kit that includes one Vial A Life form, two Vial A Life decals, and a wallet-sized Vial A Life form for seniors on-the-go.

Place one of the decals on your front door directing responders to your refrigerator, where the other decal and Vial A Life should be placed, and emergency responders will always know where to go. A quick look through your Vial A Life form will inform responders about your current medical conditions, any allergies you may have, any medications you are currently taking, and any other special instructions that you provide.

Emergency aid should always be responsive and never be harmful. American Medical Alarms, together with Vial A Life, is dedicated to giving seniors the best and most personalized care available in medical alert systems today. Through their collective efforts, more and more lives can be saved each year, and seniors can feel comfortable and safe again in their own homes, no matter what arises.