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Two Weeks After We Installed the Alarm…My Mom Fell

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

We received this letter in the mail today and wanted to share it with our readers. Kay from Des Moines, WA wrote:

Thank you for your service, two weeks after we installed the alarm system
my mom fell at night and broke her hip. Without your system who knows how long she would have been on the floor unable to get help…

We are happy that we were able to assist Kay’s mom with getting help during this emergency. This is why we encourage families to consider a medical alarm so we can be there when no one else can.

Visit our website at to see how you can offer this same protection for your loved one.

A Unique Rescue to Share

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Occasionally we have a unique rescue that we like to share. One of our customers contacted us recently to extend his gratitude for saving his life TWICE and to let us know he is telling all his friends about our company.

He explained how he had gone out to do a bit of shopping and when he returned home he pulled into his garage and heard his telephone ringing which he rushed inside to answer. He said that later that evening he began to feel sick and a bit light-headed so he went to lay down.

He awoke some time around 2:00am extremely thirsty so he headed downstairs to get a glass of water. However, he was even more light-headed and by the time he reached the bottom of the stairs he was so dizzy that he pressed his button on his alarm, a few seconds later he lost consciousness.

Several hours later he woke up in a hospital and learned that he had almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning, if he hadn’t pressed his button before losing consciousness…he would have. Having our medical alarm system saved his life. He had very little time to take any sort of action yet he was able to press his button and got the help he needed.

He was very happy to be alive and told us that not only did we save his life by getting him the help he needed but that while the doctors were treating him they found a blockage in his heart that if it had been left untreated could have caused him to have a massive heart attack. So, he thanked us for saving his life twice.

It is always a great feeling to know we have saved someone’s life. It is disheartening to hear from folks who knew someone who could not reach their telephone to call for help so nobody knew about it…and nobody came. When seconds count, when you don’t have time to reach your telephone having a medical alarm from American Medical Alarms is priceless.