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Get a FREE Vial a Life from American Medical Alarms

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

American Medical Alarms, Inc., a leader in providing medical alarms (or medical alert systems) for seniors and other at risk individuals provides a valuable resource FREE to anyone who requests one.

Vial of Life Decal - Sponsored by American Medical Alarms

Throughout the years, providing medical alarms for so many seniors across the United States, we have learned how valuable time is during an emergency. In some cases we learned that a few seconds longer would have resulted in the loss of life. It is the reason that we provide medical alarms for seniors and the reason we provide the Vial a Life FREE.

The Vial a Life program is nationally recognized for saving countless lives every year by providing rescue with pertinent information during an emergency. The Vial a Life speaks for you when you can’t and could save your life. With the Vial a Life you can keep a list of your current medications, allergies, any medical conditions as well as other information about yourself that may be critical to know in an emergency. If you have an emergency, the Vial a Life decal alerts rescue of this vital information so they can provide the proper response and treatment.

We are a proud sponsor of this program and do so in honor of the rescue workers who have saved the lives of so many of our customers. We know that having this information available to them makes their job a little easier and helps protect our customers, their families and any one else who uses the Vial a Life.

You can learn more about the Vial a Life program or request your FREE Vial a Life by visiting our website

American Medical Alarms Inc Receives 2009 Best of Business Award

Friday, September 25th, 2009


American Medical Alarms Inc Receives 2009 Best of Business Award

Small Business Commerce Association’s Award Honors the Achievement

SAN FRANCISCO, August 31, 2009, American Medical Alarms Inc has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Alarms and Security category by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is pleased to announce that American Medical Alarms Inc has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Alarms and Security category.

The SBCA 2009 Award Program recognizes the top 5% of small businesses throughout the country. Using consumer feedback, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is a San Francisco based organization. The SBCA is a private sector entity that aims to provide tactical guidance with many day to day issues that small business owners face. In addition to our main goal of providing a central repository of small business operational advice; we use consumer feedback to identify companies that exemplify what makes small business a vital part of the American economy.

SOURCE: Small Business Commerce Association

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